How do I sign up for the JEDI Certificate Program?

How do I sign up for the JEDI Certificate Program?

This article is only for learners who are part of a team that has paid and signed up for the JEDI Certificate Program: Organizational Change Series for Leaders.


You are a part of a team that is participating in the JEDI Certificate Program and need to create an account on the Weitzman Education Platform and register for the program. At this point, a team member from your organization has already provided payment. 

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Before moving forward with the following directions, create a Weitzman Education Platform account. Reference How do I create an account? if needed.

Double-select a screenshot for a larger view, if needed. 

Scroll towards the bottom of the webpage and complete the two questions. 

Select the Add to Cart button

Enter the coupon code provided to you. Select the  Apply to Order button. Your subtotal should now be $0.

Then, select the Checkout button

Enter your billing address. You will not need to enter any payment information. Then, select the Checkout button again.

On the next page, select the Submit order button

Select the View course page link to return to the activity page.