How do I register, complete the session evaluations, and claim credits for a conference?

How do I register, complete the session evaluations, and claim credits for a conference?

The screenshots within these instructions are generic. Your view may vary slightly.


You plan to attend a conference and need to register for the event. At the conclusion of the conference, you need to complete session evaluations and claim your credits. 

Step-by-Step Instructions - Creating an Account and Registering for the Event:

Once your account has been created, navigate to the conference site on the Weitzman Education Platform.

Select the Register tab. 

select the Register button and you will be automatically registered for all sessions. 

Select the Add to Cart button.

If applicable, enter a coupon code and select Apply to order.

Select Checkout.

Enter billing information:

1.    On the next screen, enter your billing information (name and address). The billing information is required regardless of your subtotal amount. Select Checkout.

2.    [If your subtotal is $0, then you will not need to complete steps 2-4.] On the next screen, select Pay.

3.    Enter your card information in the pop-up window and select Pay.

4.    Select Submit order.

Step-by-Step Instructions - Completing Session Evaluations and Claiming Credit

Under the Continue tab, select a session link to access a session evaluation.

Within each session, select the Continue tab. Then, select the Continue button

Review the activity instructions and select Start Activity.

Complete the session evaluation. When complete, select Submit.

Select Next.

The awarded credits will display.

Select Review.

Return to the conference activity site to complete the session evaluations for the remaining sessions. Repeat the previous steps until you completed all session evaluations.

When you have completed the last session evaluation select Download certificate. You must do this after completing your last session evaluation because you may only claim credits once.

Enter the number of credit(s) commensurate with your attendance for the conference. Then, select Submit. You will then be able to download your certificate.

You may also access this screen by returning to the main conference site and selecting the Claim Credit tab.

If you need to access your certificate and/or transcript at a later time, reference How do I view and download my certificates?