How do I access the Zoom link and evaluation for a live session?

How do I access the Zoom link and evaluation for a live session?

Scenario - Joining a Live Session: 

You are enrolled in an activity and would like to access the Zoom link for a live session.

Step-by-Step Instructions - Joining a Live Session:

If you prefer, you may also review these instructions in video form: Joining a Live Session (1:20)

From the homepage, select your activity from the My Current Activities list. 

You may also find a list of your activities by selecting the My Account dropdown > Activities. The page will open directly to your Pending Activities (all activities that are not yet complete).

When the activity launches, select the Continue tab

Select the appropriate session based on the date. 

Select the Continue button. 
Select the Start Activity button.
Note that the Zoom link for a session will not be available until approximately 15 minutes prior to the session start. 

Select the Join the Meeting link. From here, the Zoom meeting will launch in a new tab. 

Scenario - Completing the Session Evaluation: 

The live session and you are looking to complete the session evaluation. 

Step-by-Step Instructions - Completing the Session Evaluation:

After the live session has ended, select the Next button or Session Evaluation in the left-hand navigation bar. 
Complete the session evaluation and select the Submit button at the bottom of the evaluation.

You will then be able to view your credits awarded and download your certificate.